January 18, 2019

Food tour west: it took a little getting used to because my food tour south was so much fun and easy to walk. But I never shy away from a challenge. So instead of giving up, I dug in deeper. I researched more historical facts and the more I had to talk about, the more happy stories added. And over time I developed my own connections with the people at the stops and now it is just as much fun as south.


Today I went on a west tour with a mother and her 13year old son. I like small tours because you can connect with the guests all the better. These two have a great relationship and we instantly clicked.

We had a lot of fun and we talked a lot about everything. Those tours are the best, where you talk and mix your stories and facts and we all have a great time combined with great tastes and interactions with locals.


They told me a lot about what stood out to them and what they noticed about Amsterdam. One of these things is that they found it so very funny that Dutch people seem to be swearing in English a lot of the time. And I said well, yes, English is not our first language so for us there is no real emotion attached to the swear. They had even heard small children saying 'fuck' like its nothing. I told them about kids t-shirts with 'fuck you' on them. And that you get into more trouble if you are swearing in dutch than in English. To me, it's funny when proper ladies like my mom suddenly swear. Because they take you by surprise when they do.


We finished our tour and as on many occasion, we all walked home the same way. That's when I spotted a bunch of police on the bridge. I tried to explain what was going on there. In that explanation, I tried to get them to tell me what the English name for a fishnet with multiple nets that close in the end is called because in dutch this police checkup is called a 'fuik', like those nets are.

We walked over there and I told them that that is where they put scooters on a machine where they open the throttle to see the maximum speed and if there haven't been any adjustments made to it. I called out to the son to point out the machine and a police officer turned to me as if to ask what was going on. So I told him that i was 'police watching with guests'. Oh aha, since I had his attention I explained in dutch that I had been trying to learn the word for 'fuik' and he said: oh eh...its 'fuck'. Yes, this is a police fuck people, you heard it from them. Or in French: 'fuck d'police'.


Laughing and saying 'doeidoei' to them, our conversation eased into how you can count on Amsterdam police officers to be up for a joke at all times and that we get warned when we go on school trips to other countries that the police aren't as approachable as our own.


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