Reviews: Tricky as hek!

January 18, 2019


Thanks to everybody that left me a great review! I knew when we were together that we were having a great time and the fact that you left your opinion on my accounts is truly wonderful. Because you did it for everybody else. So those that wonder if my service will be a good fit for them can be persuaded to go ahead and book it. 


I myself leave reviews all over the place. Precisely for that reason. To help people decide and to promote my favorite places because I do love to get them more customers. 


Now as a new kid on the different platforms I need to get reviews. So I need to ask for favors of all my paying costomers. You can feel in how I verbalize that that I have issues with that. My guests have already put their trust in me the moment they booked. And in the time we spend during the walktour or workshop we all could experience what the vibe was. So if all those included in the proces are informed and happy, why tell strangers about it? 


Well, it is a phenomenon of today so there is that. And we all read reviews to decide on things. But it takes an extra effort. If google and trustpilot and tripadvisor didn't prompt me to leave them I'd probably forget. I'ĺl tell people with words but in my case that is usefull for all of my guests and inevitable for my friends because i talk a lot. 


So as an entrepreneur I need to make it as easy as possible for my guests to leave a review on as many sites as possible. In my case, i find that tripadvisor has the best option for people to leave me a review. The other ones will only give one option in a direct email. And lets face it, the timing of those emails leave a lot to be desired. Right after a tour or workshop is for travelling people not the best moment. They are on a trip, and need most of their focus on finding their way in a strange environment. Only those that are on Insta and tagging constantly are prepaired to invest the time to spread the joy. 


And then there are those other types. The ones that use reviews and the importance of them to sites and platforms and the likes of me as a weapon. Out to get their money back at all cost. Or in bad mood because they just had an argument or a whole other thing happen to them and they get presented with an opportunity to lash out at the first instance. I am trying to grasp the train of thought of these people who unfortunately never feel that it is a lot of work to leave a review. They are sweet and nice and friendly to my face. And then unload an unexpected bucket of grief on me. Now in most instances the bad reviews are by people that said they are happy and have no questions. They showed no signs of unhappyness when I was with them so they surprise me. And those ones I take serious to improve my services. To try and read the minds of the shy.


But every once in a while, there are just plain horrible people that are out to get a free ride at all cost. They know they are lying and start out with a long email to what they think is the management. They usually reach me right away though. And those are the ones I struggle with. Because they will say things that I know aren't true but it is my word against them. And in most platforms for tours and workshops it is not possible to review the guests back. In some cases it is possible to respond online. 


Now since this happened to me recently in a vicious way I am writing this post about it. And it made me think about reviews as a whole once more. 


Out of more than 175 tours and workshops I only have 5 lesser reviews so I can be satisfied in knowing that I do a good job. The fun and laughter and tips I get are more proof of that. 

There are about 75 reviews on all platforms combined, so not even half of all guests leave a review. 

And if there are only 5star reviews everywhere people tend to question the authenticity of all these very exited people and wonder if they are paid or friends and family. So every once in a while I almost need a lesser review just to validate all of the great ones. 

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Reviews: Tricky as hek!

January 18, 2019

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