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The top most asked questions on my tours

Updated: Jul 5

I have been doing a lot of research to get ready for private tours. I am walking around with mostly 2 to 4 people so there is a lot of room to talk. I better know my stuff!

Those three crosses that you see everywhere. Loads of people think it has to do with the famous Red Light District but is in fact the flag of Amsterdam. A red flag with a black band in the middle and on that band three white crosses. The Saint Andrews Crosses are a source of inspiration to those who tried to give meaning to them. From the disasters that the city overcame to locations where one could cross the river Amstel. The city itself says it is derived from a family crest. Roman Mars called it the most badass city flag in the world and it seems that most of us agree and that's why you see it everywhere.

The coffeeshops (where you get weed) are the ones with a green and white sticker on them, and always have the name coffeeshop next to the name. The other ones are just regular places.

Any place called 'supermarket' is a tiny souvenir shop where they will sell you anything from fruit to hash-lollypops and brownies that are real placebo's. I have met people that claim to have been high all night on them, but I doubt it was real.

The actual supermarkets are called AH or Dirk or Jumbo, and you can spot items there that look like groceries because that's what they are.

Contrairy to popular belief not everything is allowed in Amsterdam. Drinking in the streets and smoking inside is illegal! Just asking what is the right way when in doubt is better than misbehaving.

Walking around in Amsterdam is like reading a history book without having to flip pages. Most of the locals are really friendly and willing to share a story or two or help you out if you lost your way.

The mass tourists that are treating our beloved city without respect are no longer welcome and discouraged from coming over.

This city has been a hub for travelers from all corners of the world since the early days. They spend any amount of time here and sometimes never leave because they love the free vibe of this melting pot we call Amsterdam.

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