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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

About what happens when I get the less than enthousiastic review after spending a really nice time with people.

Hosting workshops in your own studio is an amazing opportunity, but it also makes you very vulnerable and here's why.

There you are designing a workshop to share your knowledge with the world. The thought of it being visited by guests that share the same interests is exiting. Especially when it is also the way to get paid and thus be able to give people the best tips and tricks and you are able to expand your knowledge for a great reason. By making your hobby your profession it makes it all worth spending every waking moment on your passion.

But for an artist working with people presents all sorts of obstackles. So not only are you trying to get yourself to the highest obtainable expert level, you need to be able to share all that knowledge. That's something you can only learn from experience. In preparation you make sure that there are good workstations for a variable number of people. The duration of the workshop and all the information that you want to share. To find balance between listening and doing for the guests. Add their different skill levels. It is a huge puzzle. To have all the tools and materials and decide what can be covered in one session takes time and effort.

You get your first bookings and there is such a wealth of very educational moments right there. Incorporate all feedback and make adjustments to reach a flow.

After the first 50 workshops you think you have it down. Judging by all the nice things people say to you, the support you get from within the bussiness of providing experiences for guests and also from the people around you. Talking about your growing bussiness is key to developing and working out how to give the best workshop. More and more pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

But especialy when the majority of guests reactions are great, the ones that flatout complain and are dissapointed hurt the most. By now you know that your product is good, of not great. So why do they attack? Do they attack or did you drop a ball there? Take it very serious and take from it what you can use. The costomer isn't always right you know.

The trouble with this reacting afterwards is that everything they went trough between leaving your place to sitting down and responding to the demanding emails to write something is of influence on their words. And their words are treated as being very important. More important than they realize. And more important when there are a few and your bussines is still growing and in desperate need for great reviews.

Some guests are just being brutally honest and tell you that their expectations weren't met. Gives you stuff to think about. And some guests are plain horrible people on a power rush trying to steel your money. The horrible ones are awfull but no more than that. The so called honest ones are the ones you struggle with most. Because they don't take into consideration that is is to late to do something for them. They should have made it known during the workshop so you can adjust. Afterall, you are trying your best for their benefit. Now you have no way of redeeming yourself.


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