• Louke Spigt

How to plan your Amsterdam city-trip

Updated: Jul 12

The easiest way is to let me create a custom trip for you based on every want and need. Get in touch and tell me your dates and plans. This could be the early stages, or after you booked the hotel already.

The very best thing about letting me plan it is that I can tell you upfront if what you think you heard and what is facts are incorporable in the itinerary. This goes especially for those that visit for the first time. And have you considered any other part of the wonderful flat country of the Netherlands? Almost all of it is cute and worth a visit. Just saying.

Do you have a certain interest in history- there’s a stunning museum for everyone.

I could book tickets for events, hotels, transportation, guides, and experts and give you the latest info about how things are going in the Country itself since I´m right here.

Give relevant information to travel agents in the world.

I have many valuable connections throughout the city and the rest of the country and can always match you up to an organization or guide that fits your plans.

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