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5 reasons for using gelatin.

The best reasons for working with gelatin instead of silicones are:

1. Easy to make.

Yes, you will forget this recipe if you don't make it on a regular basis, but you also forget the one for pound cake. Both are so very simple they are hard to get wrong. And it helps the experimenting process if you do get it wrong because you discover how many effects you can achieve. Transparent or translucent. Thick and stiff or still bouncy and bendy. Have as many happy accidents as possible and never shy away from trying new things.

2. Can smell nice.

If you make sure to add a few drops of scented oil you totally mask the smell of wet dog that will fill your workspace if you heat up the gelatin without it. As an added bonus, my workspace and whole house smell really nice when I am working with gelatin. The one instance where I spilled much more oil in my gelatin it made a lifelike human heart that filled the whole hallway with the nice scent for a month.#happyaccident

3. Quick result.

The heating takes 30 seconds, and as long as it is still hot and liquid you can work with it. This does take a lot of preplanning your project. But that is part of the charm when you are making 3D effects. When you have an end-goal in mind, you want to push forward and get it done. Working in gelatin is so much faster than all the other materials.

4. Mixes well with colors and textures.

As long as your color and or added material is heat resistant there is no end to the mixing of powders and liquids you want.

5. Reusable.

Practise makes perfect. You can, of course, keep everything you made with gelatin as long as you store it in an aired place. But your skill level and standards will grow too. Gelatin will melt over and over again, just add water. You can use your old or temporary projects later with ease. I use my silicone finger molds to keep the colors I mixed for later use in finger form.



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