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About Me


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Hi, I am Louke. A passionate guide and nail artist. It is my firm belief that travel is one of the best things one can do to open the mind and become a better person. This said, I also know that the best experiences come from encounters with locals in their natural habitats. 

Over the past 400+ tours, I found that every participant on each tour had an unbelievably nice experience of getting to know a fabulously gorgeous city while walking with their new friends. (Yes, myself included) So to make life way more fun for everyone I have decided that all of my tours should be customized to what my guests want to see or do the most. 

I especially like to take travelers to lesser-known parts of the city and then drop them off at the must-see museums if they so choose (and I have great recommendations for those cultural visits as well) In short: if you feel that it would be more fun to live like a local for a few hours then I suggest to contact me via email! (

I am determined to show all people a great time and make the best memories for when we're all in those rocking chairs boasting about our great lives. 

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